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The Mystery Boxes Arrive!!

The Mystery Boxes from Home Depot have arrived! Included in the boxes were:

1 chalkboard tombstone

2 very large skulls with sound and light-up eyes

2 lifesize skulls

2 Edison bulb light fixtures with flickering lights and sound

2 sets of strung "mercury glass" skull lights

black flocked spiders of various sizes

1 orange mesh Halloween wreath

My official assignment is to use these items for a mantel design! I should include as many items as possible and can purchase additional supplies as well. I came up with an initial design concept quickly but then decided against it. Too boring. My new concept is awesome and something I've never done before. What do you get when you combine Edison lighting with skulls and spiders? Hee hee, you shall just have to wait and see!!!

My mantel design must be completed by August 28th. Photos of my design, as well as a blog entry will then be posted on Home Depot's website. Let the challenge begin.........

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