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DIY Steampunk Spiders

As part of Home Depot's Style Challenge, I received a couple packages of black flocked spiders. Using items from Home Depot, as well as items from a dollar store and craft store, I turned plain black spiders into steampunk spiders.

This sparkly silver style was created completely from Home Depot items. I started with a package of Glittered Silver Spiders and then hot glued various sizes of lock washers to the legs and top of spider. For this spider, I used 5 different sizes of washers, ranging from #8 to 1/2". Each package costs less than $2.00. I think I'm going to make this one into a brooch by adhering a pin to the back. Pretty cool and soooo simple!

Pictured above are the Home Depot items used for the spider below. Black flocked spiders are adorned with silver lock washers, as well as brass washers in two different styles. I used MD Hobby and Craft Metal Sheets to form rings for the legs. I bought two packages of silver and spray-painted one sheet with Rust-Oleum gold spray paint. I then cut strips of the metal using standard craft scissors. Handle strips with caution, though, as edges may be sharp. I used the handle of a thin paintbrush to make the metal coils to fit the legs and hot-glued everything together. Done! Another simple, yet cool steampunk spider design, made completely with Home Depot items!

Below are a few additional styles from my mantel design. These were adorned with items from a dollar store and craft store, in addition to Home Depot items

Stop by your local Home Depot, pick up some spiders and make your own steampunk creations. This is a quick and easy DIY project that anyone can do!

Check out our blog on Home Depot's website for the full steampunk mantel design.

Happy Halloween!

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