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DIY Witch Potion and Poison Bottles

Halloween is rapidly approaching, and I am working tirelessly on our home haunt. In previous years we have decorated our front yard. This year, we are creating a walk-through display in our backyard. One of the "scenes" in our walk-through will be a witch's lair. Follow me over the next few weeks as I share some of the DIY tips for creating this scene.

A witch scene wouldn't be complete without potion and poison bottles. Here are a few that I have created.

These were very simple to make. I started with some basic containers (a plastic lemon juice bottle and two glass clam juice bottles) and spray-painted them black. I used a very inexpensive wrought iron black matte spray paint. Chalkboard paint would also work. I printed labels that I found on the Internet and adhered them to the bottles with a decoupage glue (put on back of labels only). Lastly, I added little touches of twine to the necks of the bottles. I think they look great, and I will definitely be making more!

For my next group of bottles, I used caps from plastic water bottles. I hot-glued wooden doll pin heads to each of the caps. After the glue set, I painted each cap and ball with black acrylic paint.

For the bottles, I used little mini bud vases that I got from a craft store. These were value bin items near their checkout, and I got them on clearance for less than $.50 each. Always keep an eye out for bargains! You never know when they might come in handy! Again, I printed labels from the Internet and adhered them with decoupage glue.

I put my handy hot glue gun to use again and adhered the lid to the mouth of each bottle . A gold chain pull from a dollar store was cut and glued around the neck of each bottle. The finished product looks like a dropper-style bottle. These, too, were super easy, inexpensive and will look great in my witch's lair.

Keep following Holiday Decor & More to see how our display turns out. More projects to follow soon........

Happy Halloween and Happy Haunting!

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