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DIY Mini Bird Skeletons

This is my second post highlighting some of the features of my Halloween Home Haunt. I am creating a witch's lair, complete with critters, creatures and creepy crawlers. Read below to see how I turned a $0.25 mini skeleton into a mini bird skeleton.

Firstly, I must give credit to a video posted in July 2015 on Facebook. It was a tutorial from Millpond Fright Night that showed how make these bird skeletons. I altered the design slightly by adding feathers that I found in my backyard. A friend of mine has chickens, and her generous gift of eggs proved to be perfect for this project (as well as very tasty). My little skellibirds will be staged in a nest-like basket with the cracked eggs.

These are two of the original mini skeletons. A package of 4 skeletons cost a mere $1 at the Dollar Store. The bones are easily disassembled. Use a hot glue gun to reattach the bones accoding to diagram below.

These little birds are going to look great in my witch's lair! Not bad for a $.025 skeleton, some found feathers and a little glue!

​Another easy DIY project from Holiday Decor & More!

Happy Haunting!

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