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Zombies for Sale!



Zombie Name:   Aaron Zimmer


Serial #:   0001


Arms:  Flexible- wire/foam combo


Price:  $225




Zombie Name:   Brandon York


Serial #:   0002


Arms:  Removable- PVC/foam/paper mache


Price:  $225



Zombie Name:   Carl White


Serial #:   0003


Arms:  Flexible- wire/foam combo


Price:  $225



Zombie Name:   David Vickers


Serial #:   0004


Arms:  Flexible- wire/foam combo


Price:  $225

About our zombies......

Holiday Decor & More Zombies are individually hand-constructed and designed for temporary outdoor or permanent indoor display.  Latex masks and hands are filled with styrofoam forms and poly-filling.  The body is constructed from PVC pipes with a chicken wire/paper mache torso.  A polyurethane coating helps add stability.  Arms are either wire/foam combinations or PVC/foam/paper mache.  Each zombie stands about 6'2" and comes fully clothed, as shown.  Included with each zombie are two 18" rebar stakes for displaying your zombie on the lawn. Simply drive the rebar stakes into the ground, put the pre-drilled shoes over the rebar stakes, align the zombie's PVC legs with the rebar and lower into place.  Without a visable base, wires or props, your zombie can stand alone and really look life-like (or should I say death-like?)


DO NOT LEAVE YOUR ZOMBIE OUT IN THE RAIN!!!   While intended for outdoor display, we highly recommend you bring your zombie indoors each night to avoid rainfall or moisture.   Even though they are polyurethaned, these zombies are still paper mache and will not last long if subjected to continuous moisture.  When not being displayed, store your zombie in a dry, pest-free environment.


Each zombie also comes with an official Holiday Decor & More Zombie Registry Death Certificate.  As each zombie is an individual creation, each one is numbered, signed and registered.  Perhaps we can all get back together for a Zombie Reunion one day!


Interested in purchasing a Holiday Decor & More Zombie?  Email  Due to the size of each zombie, shipping costs would probably be outrageous.  Local delivery or pickup is preferred.  Holiday Decor & More is located in Hyde Park, NY.


Thank you for your interest in our zombies!!


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